School Special Events

Our school includes opportunities for parent and family involvement through celebrations and ceremonies including:

  • ConsecrationStudents in second grade are consecrated in an age-old ceremony to welcome new learners.
  • Siddur Ceremony – The study of the Hebrew language and the learning of prayer skills is an important goal to fulfill. Children begin their Hebrew education in 3rd grade. By the end of the school year the students have gained the ability to read and pray. Parents help their children design a bookplate to be placed in a Mishkan Tefilah prayer book, and present it to their child during a special Family Service in their honor.
  • Confirmation – Our tenth grade students “confirm” their commitment to Judaism and Jewish life on Shavuot. Even though our students become spiritual adults at age 13, their continued education through tenth grade enables them to make the kind of emotional and intellectual commitment to Judaism that confirmation implies.
  • and many more!



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