The web offers infinite ways to learn more about the Reform movement, Jewish history, Jewish life and social justice. Check out some of TBE’s favorite websites.

Jewish Learning

Union for Reform Judaism  –  www.urj.org

The website of the Reform Movement contains information on URJ programs such as camp, Israel trips and conventions, as well as sections on Jewish learning, ritual life, and social justice.  Go here to find a Reform perspective on the weekly Torah portion

Mechon Mamre – www.mechon-mamre.org

This website provides the full text of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) in Hebrew and English (as well as Spanish, French and Portuguese).

My Jewish Learning – www.myjewishlearning.com

This site contains thousands of easy to digest scholarly articles on subjects ranging from holidays to text to history to philosophy. Subject matter is presented at a number of different levels from beginner to more advanced learner, and from a number of Jewish perspectives.

Jewish Women’s Archive – www.jwa.org

The Jewish Women’s Archive contains curates the Jewish woman’s experience in America. This site provides a great deal of historical and biographical information on many of our most prominent women, as well as some interesting modern voices.

Judaism on Campus – https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/jewish-student-guide/

College Resources & Scholarships for Jewish Students

College students looking to find a robust Jewish community and other resources to practice their faith on campus have a lot of options at their disposal. From the number of active student groups to kosher dining options, there are also a number of factors to consider when choosing a school. This guide explores how to choose a college, locate social and community groups on campus, and find scholarships for Jewish students.

Jewish Life

Heb Calendar – www.hebcal.com

Wondering when Passover falls two years from now? Do you have your great-grandmother’s birth certificate which only lists a Hebrew date? This website can help you. It also lists weekly Torah portions and provides links to summaries.

Interfaith Family- www.interfaithfamily.com

Online and in-person opportunities for Jewish learning for interfaith families in the Chicagoland area and a number of other cities across the country.

Ritual Well – www.ritualwell.org

You know what to do-  or who to call – if you welcome a child or suffer a loss. But what if you want a ritual or a prayer befitting your retirement or your child receiving a driver’s license? This is the place to find Jewish rituals for almost all occasions.

Social Justice

JChoice – The Tzedakah Network – www.jchoice.org

A place to learn about Jewish organizations where you might direct your charitable dollars or your time, in Chicago, across the US, and in Israel.



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