April 15, 2021

Online donations are currently under maintenace through Tuesday, April 20. We expect online donations to be available on Wednesday, April 21. Please check back here for the link to make an online donation.

If you have any questions about making a donation before April 21, please contact Holly Hamburg.

Please select one of the funds listed below when filling out our online donation form.  We appreciate all contributions and suggest a minimum donation of $18 per acknowledgment.

General Fund

This Fund provides additional necessary resources for the ongoing operation of our congregation, school and programs.

A Just Harvest

This fund supports A Just Harvest, the largest community soup kitchen in Chicago metro area. TBE partners with A Just Harvest multiple times a year to provide meals to those in need and support the fight against hunger and poverty.

Blitz Family Children’s Cultural Arts Fund

Provides financial support for guest speakers, music and arts programs for the educational benefit of the children of Temple Beth-El.

Clergy Discretionary Funds

Allows our clergy to fund needs and projects consistent with the charitable, religious and educational purposes of Temple Beth-El:

  • Rabbi Helbraun’s Discretionary Fund
  • Cantor Kahan’s Discretionary Fund

Campaign for Religious Equality in Israel

To advocate for the acceptance and respect of the Reform Movement as a legitimate stream of Judaism by the Israeli Government.

Free Will Fund

High Holiday Appeal

Kaplan Camp Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships to assist 3rd, 4th or 5th grade  students to attend Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute Camp for their first Jewish over-night summer camp experience.

Libby Golden z”l Memorial Fund

Provides speakers, lectures and family programs.

Matthew Schaffer-Schwartz z”l Tikkun Olam Award Fund

Provides a $500 College scholarship to a graduating high school senior who has devoted him/herself to acts of Tikkun Olam – Repairing the World, during their High School years.

Memorial Fund

Allows members, family and friends to honor a deceased relative or friend. The proceeds of this fund help are used for the general operating expenses of the congregation.

Mishkan T’filah Prayer Book Plate ($36 minimum donation)

Provides Mishkan T’filah Prayer Books for our congregation.

Perpetuation Fund

Provides necessary resources to make capital improvements and pay down the mortgage.

Phyllis Natalie Podolsky z”l Library Fund

Provides funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the Library, and assistance to the congregation for programs related to the fine arts, humanities or other cultural endeavors.

School Tzedakah

Provides support for a new charity in need every month. Tzedakah, which means “righteousness” in Hebrew, is a way to help make the world more just, more right through giving.

Steinberg Education Fund

Provides funds for educational related activities and electronics that further enhance our students educational experiences. These funds may also be used to provide programs that promote parenting skills or parent/child relationship building.

Social Action Fund

Provides support for outside community projects that are important to our members and fulfill the vision of our Temple.

TBE Endowment Fund

Provides funding to secure our financial stability so that future generations will have access to the vibrant, spiritual home that has cared for our community throughout the years.

TBE Men’s Club Fund

Provides support for the Temple Beth-El Men’s Club.

TBE Sisterhood Fund

Provides support for the Temple Beth-El Sisterhood.

Torah Fund

Provides resources to  maintain our Torahs, write new Sefer Torahs, and teach Torah to our congregation.

Yahrzeit Fund

Allows members, family and friends to honor the anniversary of a deceased relative or friend. The proceeds of this fund help are used for the general operating expenses of the congregation.

YoBE – Youth of Beth-El Fund

Supports the social and communal activities of our Temple Beth-El Youth Group – YoBE.



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