Here is a brief overview of our curriculum. To learn more, view our School Handbook or contact our Director of Lifelong Learning.

  • Kindergarten Jewish Holidays, God, Shabbat, Synagogue
  • First Grade – Jewish Holidays, Jewish Time, Synagogue, My Jewish Home
  • Second Grade Bible Stories, Introduction to Hebrew Letters
  • Third Grade – Exploring family through Jewish Values, Hebrew word roots and basic Hebrew reading
  • Fourth Grade – Learning about self-identity through Judaism, liturgical Hebrew including the basic blessing formula, Yotzer Or, Maariv Aravim, Bar’chu, Shema, V’ahavta, Mi Chamochah, and Oseh Shalom
  • Fifth Grade – Relating to our peers through a Jewish lens, additional liturgical Hebrew including Avot V’Imahot, G’vurot, Kiddush, Kaddish, Torah Blessings, Hatikvah
  • Sixth Grade – Experiencing the meaning of community in Judaism, increased knowledge of Hebrew liturgy comprising Haftarah blessings, K’dushah, V’shamru, Aleinu, Havdalah, and Birkat Hamazon
  • Seventh Grade – Jewish identity and values, conversational Hebrew
  • Eighth Grade Holocaust (Facing History and Ourselves), Introduction to Israeli Culture and the Modern Israeli Political System, Sacred Relationships, Class Tikkun Olam Project
  • Teen Limud – Let’s Learn!  Our high school experience has been developed to provide our teens with an in depth learning experience at the high level that they deserve.  During their first semester, they will learn important leadership skills.  In the second semester, they will confront relevant local and world issues while implementing their leadership skills in order to lead their peers in exploring them through a Jewish lens.  Throughout the course of the entire year, teens will use the skills they are acquiring in order to initiate and spearhead Impact Projects which will address real needs in our community. These projects will be completely managed by the teens and will be a reflection of each teen’s individual passions.



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