Here is a brief overview of our curriculum. To learn more, contact our Director of Congregational Learning.

  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students will spend their mornings learning about the synagogue and exploring Jewish holidays, values, Torah stories, and Hebrew letters through a fun and interactive curriculum incorporating movement, drama, and music.  All students will have weekly music sessions with Cantor Kahan as well as regular art classes incorporating our school wide yearly theme of Torah.
  • Second – Fifth Grades – Students in grades 2-5 will each begin their Sunday mornings in bayit (homeroom).  During this time, they will have a brief morning meeting to begin their day on a positive note.  They will then spend the rest of the morning rotating through sessions of shira (music), omanut (art), and limmud (learning).  Limmud curriculum will be centered around the theme of Torah.  Students will work their way through the five books, beginning with Genesis and ending with Deutoronomy.  Each Torah portion will come to life weekly, in grade-appropriate ways, through its unique stories and values.  Through their learning, they will receive the tools to extract values from stories in our Torah and apply them to their everyday lives.  Jewish life vocabulary will be incorporated to help students begin to develop a basic working vocabulary of commonly used Hebrew words. 
  • Sixth & Seventh Grades – Sixth and seventh graders will spend this year preparing for B’nei Mitzvah in the context of Torah and Tanach texts.  Their curriculum for the year will involve delving into the basics of text study, Midrash, and commentary as well as deep dives into their own Torah and Haftarah portions.  6th and 7th graders will also participate in weekly music sessions with Cantor Kahan as well as regular art classes.
  • Teen Limud Teen Limud begins each week with lunch.  Afterwards, we learn together.  This year our learning will center around themes of social justice.  Topics to be explored this year will include Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself, Homelessness, Honoring the Elderly and more.



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