A new baby in the family!  Our clergy are delighted to celebrate this blessing and help young families begin their spiritual journey.  Whether you are new to Temple Beth-El, or are the child or grandchild of members, all are invited to join us in welcoming your child into the Jewish community. 

While it is customary to bless and name a child at Temple during a Shabbat service, our clergy will also conduct a private ceremony on another day of the week outside of the congregation or at your home.  When the naming is held during a worship service, it is customary for the family to host the oneg.

Although there is no prescribed time for a naming ceremony, it is generally held within the baby’s first year.  A girl is welcomed into the Jewish covenant with a special ritual that blesses her and gives her a Hebrew name. Parents who had their son circumcised in the hospital can still arrange a baby naming to celebrate the beginning of his Jewish life.

After scheduling a date for the naming you will have an opportunity to meet with our clergy and learn about the ceremony. They will also be honored to help choose your child’s Hebrew name, if needed.

The ritual of b’rit milah (circumcision), takes place on the 8th day of a boy’s life, and is usually held in the home, but arrangements can also be made to use the synagogue. This ceremony is conducted by a mohel, but our clergy are honored to participate and offer their blessings as well.




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