According to Jewish tradition, thirteen is the age when a child is called to take on religious responsibility. This lifecycle transition is marked by a ceremony called b’nei mitzvah (children of the commandments).  When young adults recite the blessings over the Torah, they affirm their willingness to take responsibility for the traditions, rituals and heritage that is being passed on to them.

A b’nei mitzvah is also an important milestone in a young person’s educational process. It commences in the third grade when students begin their Hebrew training in religious school.  As they approach their date, students receive individualized preparation under the guidance and support of the education department and clergy.  We strive to make the b’nei mitzvah process a meaningful experience for the entire family.

Students intending to celebrate a b’nei mitzvah must attend our religious/Hebrew school program for five years.  It is also encouraged that b’nei mitzvah students continue their Jewish education at least through 10th grade which culminates with a Confirmation ceremony around the festival of Shavuot.

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