You are not expected to complete the task, but neither are you free to avoid it.
-Pirkei Avot 2:21,20

Tikkum Olam has always been a defining cornerstone at Temple Beth-El, reaching beyond the walls of our local community. As Jews, we are responsible for changing the world, one person or piece at a time, bringing us closer to wholeness, peace and equality.

Join us throughout the year as we work together to rebuild our world

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We have NEW and EXCITING programs to help our local community

There is a different project every month…which ones do you like? 

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Sept 2016
Feed My Starving Children
Maot Chitim – Rosh Hashanah (Make, Pack and Deliver boxes)
Uptown Cafe

October 2016
Northfield Food Pantry
ARK Food Collection

November/December 2016
JCFS Dreidel Project
Uptown Cafe

January 2017
Martin Luther King Service Day

February 2017
Book Collection for Bernie’s Book Bank

March 2017
Bernie’s Book Bank

April 2017
Maot Chitim – Pesach Delivery (Make, pack, deliver boxes)

May 2017
Temple Beth-El Garden Renewal


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